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Our mission is to help stylists showcase their ultimate creativity without the use of chemicals or damaging tools.

  • Add, enhance or intensify colour, length or volume in the time it would take for a standard cut and blow-dry service

  • Our superior 100% Remy human hair extensions coupled with hypoallergenic ultra-thin premium adhesive tape-ins result in discreet and comfortable hair extensions that blend flawlessly with natural hair and leave zero residue after removal

  • Ultilise our array of adhesive tape sizes, unique colours and patented products such as Colourmelts and Root Colour extensions to give your clients the hair they've always dreamed under an hour!

  • hairtalk hair can be reused for up to 5 applications. Value for money?! We think so - beautiful hair for less than a cup of coffee a day!

  • hairtalk extensions proudly delivers groundbreaking technology that challenges stylists to rethink their service categories and allows them to deliver the absolute best experience for their clients.

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