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Keratin Extensions

A bond made to last

Made from top quality 100% cuticle-on Remy human hair, hairtalk® Keratin Extensions create seamless length, color, and volume without compromising discretion. Our soft, pre-customized matte bonds allow stylists to provide their clients with the tailored application and styling versatility desired. The result is discreet, comfortable, and flawless natural body wave extensions that blend perfectly with clients’ natural hair.


  • Soft, matte keratin bond

  • Discreet bond allows for undetectable application

  • Pre-customized 1 cm bond height - apply more in less time

  • Pre-tapered ends allow for a seamless blend into clients’ hair

  • Lightweight extension can be safely applied in more fragile, finer hair textures as well as hairline and fringe area

  • Longer lasting than other methods: can be worn for 3-5 months

  • Top quality 100% Remy cuticle-on human hair

  • Limitless color combinations with over 55 colors to choose from

  • Compatible with existing hot fusion/thermal application tools

  • 25 strands per pack



Available in lengths: 13", 17", 21", 25"

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