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Founded in 1985, hairtalk today continues to be a leading professional hair extension brand in over 40 countries and 30 000+ salons worldwide

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2. Hero Image.jpg

Designed for stylists to create transformations without the need of a bowl brush, or chemical, hairtalk is the world's most gently method for the custom-made application of hair.

In 2005, Gunter Alex invented the unique hairtalk adhesive system, the idea is simple, to produce affordable hair extensions of outstanding quality - where the time factor also played a role in the invention of the hairtalk system (a hair extension should be possible in less than one hour) and where hair extension removal should be gentle to the hair and not result in hair breakage.

The result was the hairtalk system that helps you to seamlessly add hair - where discreet, fast and non-damaging application blend flawlessly with natural hair.

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As the global innovators of the tape-in hair extension, our objective at hairtalk is to create fast, safe and simple extension methods for salon professionals to add colour, dimension, volume and length in a quick salon visit.

Today, our promise is to stylists is to continue providing the highest quality innovative products designed for creative freedom, as well as full support behind the chair.

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities

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