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Do you dream of giving your clients the body and length they deserve from their hair extensions without messy chemicals or dangerous heat applications? Do you dream of a hair extension application system that is user friendly, safe for your customers, and gives superior results? If you want to join the hair extension revolution then you need to speak to the team of wholesale hair extensions manufacturers at HairTalk today!

HairTalk tape hair extensions are the answer to all of your hair extension needs and more!

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So what makes HairTalk tape hair extensions so much better than the competition? The answer lies in the unique and revolutionary application system used with HairTalk tape hair extensions. The process involves the application of 100% Remy human hair extensions to your customers' hair by means of a medical grade adhesive system. As a result of this unique system, HairTalk tape hair extensions are easily removed and replaced or re-lifted closer to the root. All of this adds up to value for money and the elimination of the pulling, tearing, and other harmful effects that are associated with other hair extension systems.

Our range of HairTalk tape hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colours that can be combined to make well over 400 colour palette combinations, so there truly is something to suit everyone.

HairTalk tape hair extensions are ultra-thin, 3cm wide and 7mm thick adhesive strips that are attached to natural hair in less than an hour with an adhesive that eliminates annoying skin irritation and other common hair extension side effects.

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If you want to join other major hair salons like Shane Jones Blonde Boutique, Jewels Hair By Design, Phil Gallo, Joh Bailey and Funk'd, in the HairTalk hair extension revolution then get in touch with HairTalk today.

HairTalk offers customers a complete hair extension wholesalers service. We offer our customers the range of HairTalk tape hair extensions products, from extensions to shampoo, detangler to solvent, and everything in between, at great, competitive prices.

HairTalk also offers our customers certification training in the application of our HairTalk tape hair extensions one day per month in most major cities, so you and your team of stylists will be a HairTalk human hair extensions expert in no time.

If you want the best for your salon, give HairTalk a call today, and find out why our products are taking the world by storm!