HairTalk tape hair extensions - the hair extension revolution is here

Are you a hair salon owner or operator who is tired of the same old level of inferior quality hair extensions that not only look bad, but are also damaging to your valued customers hair and your business?

If you truly seek a superior hair extension product that will save you time and money, and grow your list of clients rather than shrinking it, then you need HairTalk tape hair extensions from HairTalk. HairTalk tape hair extensions allow professionally trained stylists to create the most glamorous and natural looking hairstyles without the need for harsh chemicals, or the harmful effects of heat based hair extensions.

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Our range of HairTalk tape hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colours that can be combined to make well over 400 colour palette combinations, so there truly is something to suit everybody. HairTalk tape hair extensions are ultra-thin, 3cm wide and 7mm thick adhesive strips that are attached to natural hair in less than an hour with an adhesive that eliminates annoying skin irritation and other common hair extension side effects.

HairTalk tape hair extensions are the complete package, offering you the best 100% Remy human hair extensions on the market with a superior application system that will leave your customers looking and feeling great.

HairTalk tape hair extensions even come in a range of colourful strips that will have extravagant effects on your clients look for that festival, concert, or big night out.

No matter what you and your customers want from your tape hair extensions, HairTalk tape hair extensions have the answer.

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Already hair salons across Australia and New Zealand are flocking to the new HairTalk tape hair extensions system. Big name salons including Shane Jones Blonde Boutique, Jewels Hair By Design, Phil Gallo, Joh Bailey and Funk'd, Conrad and Mace and Leon's Hair, Aquae Sulis, Wild Stylz, and Le Chic Hair Studio are already enjoying the rewards of using the world's best tape hair extension system.

If you want to join the HairTalk tape hair extension revolution simply give us a call and find out how we can help you grow your business and make your customers look and feel great!