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If you're a salon owner, operator, or stylist then you already know the importance of getting quality real hair extensions for your clients. Real hair extensions compare to synthetic hair extensions like night compares to day, and ordinary real hair extensions compare to HairTalk real hair extensions in the same way.

HairTalk real hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, making it the highest grade of real hair extensions on the market. The secret to why HairTalk real hair extensions are so much better lies in its unique and innovative application system, which is easy to learn and will bring your business the money and traffic it deserves.

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So how does the HairTalk real hair extensions system work? The HairTalk real hair extensions process involves the application of 100% Remy human hair extensions to your customers' hair by means of a medical grade adhesive system. As a result of this unique system, HairTalk tape hair extensions are easily removed and replaced or re-lifted closer to the root. All of this adds up to value for money and the elimination of the pulling, tearing, and other harmful effects that are associated with other hair extension systems.

HairTalk real hair extensions come in 3 convenient lengths of 25cm, 40cm and 55cm, which importantly eliminates the need for excessive cutting, if any cutting at all, leaving the hair with a beautiful flowing natural look.

HairTalk real hair extensions also come in a range of colours choices that can be combine to suit any look.

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If you're a stylist or salon operator who wants to increase their business by offering exclusive access to the world's greatest real hair extensions then get in touch with the friendly and professional team at HairTalk today.

HairTalk real hair extensions are already available in some of the most renowned salons across Australia and New Zealand including; Shane Jones Blonde Boutique, Jewels Hair By Design, Phil Gallo, Joh Bailey and Funk'd, why not add your salon's name to the growing list of qualified HairTalk real hair extensions retailers and enjoy the business and money it brings with it.