medical grade tape cuttings

There are many replica tape hair extensions on the Australian market today, almost always with an inferior quality hair sourced from China. This is very easily noticeable just through touch alone, as the hair is a lot coarser.

HairTalk (Arcos) 100% Remy human hair extensions stand alone, being sourced from India with a quality control system that ensures only the best quality hair is selected.

the difference

The greatest difference between HairTalk hair extensions and its competitors however, is the medical grade bonding adhesive that is non-damaging to your hair. German patented and refined over 25 years by experienced hair technicians, the medical grade tape is really what makes HairTalk the global leader in its category.

HairTalk leaves no residue

The obvious difference that any hairdresser will notice between the HairTalk bonding system and its associated tape cuttings is the residue left in your client’s hair when removing the tape hair extensions. With replica brands, the resulting residue remaining in the hair is almost like sticky tape and near impossible to remove, creating damage to your own natural hair. HairTalk tape extensions leave no residue in your hair.