HairTalk maintenance

Hair Extensions require special care with a lot of moisture, which is essential for easy combing, as well as shiny, healthy-looking hair. Extensions need nutrients and a lot of moisture “from the outside” as they are outside the root system. It is essential to use the HairTalk hair care retail range especially designed for this purpose.

re-application time?

Depending on hair volume and density, it is recommended that HairTalk tape hair extensions are lifted or re-applied every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure your own hair between the root and tape remains free from matting. This will also increase the length of time you can wear the HairTalk tape hair extensions before replacement. With care, the HairTalk tape hair extensions should last a minimum of 4 to 5 months or 3 to 4 lifts.

It is recommended that HairTalk tape hair extensions are loosely platted prior to sleeping to avoid any unnecessary pulling on your natural hair.

what about chemical colours?

Chemical colour services, especially tints, have to be carefully applied when HairTalk tape hair extensions have been placed as the stronger peroxides, that overlap the HairTalk tape extensions, can loosen the tape weft and cause shedding of the extension.