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Picasso didn't work with a rag, Rodin didn't work with mud, and The Edge doesn't use a two-string banjo, so why as a hair stylist would you ever want to work with inferior human hair extensions?

If you truly want to elevate your work as a hair stylist to the level of art then you need to be working with the best possible pedigree of products. From your scissors to your clippers you want only the best professional grade equipment to bring out the best in your work; and human hair extensions are no different. If you want the best human hair extensions for your salon then you need the exciting and innovative range from HairTalk human hair extensions.

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Human hair extensions have traditionally been applied and bonded through means of heat, ultrasound or metal, all of which can be very damaging to your client's hair and even harmful to your client's wellbeing. HairTalk human hair extensions do away with all of the dangers normally associated with the process and give you the tools you need to make your customers' hair look their best.

The HairTalk human hair extensions system is easily and gently attached to the hair by means of a medical grade adhesive system. HairTalk human hair extensions can be easily removed and replaced, or re-lifted, giving you far greater control over your extension work.

The whole HairTalk human hair extensions process results in inconspicuous and comfortable hair extensions with a flat bond that merges perfectly with natural hair, which means your clients get great natural looking human hair extensions that give no pain or discomfort even when sleeping!

HairTalk human hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Human hair and come in a range of shades to suit any hair colour. HairTalk also produces a range of hair and synthetic fibre mixed extensions called HairTalk Fun tape hair extensions that can bring out wild colour combinations for big nights out or festival and concert events.

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If you're a stylist or salon owner and you want superior quality human hair extensions for your salon then get in touch with HairTalk today. We offer certification training in the application of our HairTalk human hair extensions one day per month in most major cities, so you will be a HairTalk human hair extensions expert in no time.

Give us a call today and find out what working with superior quality human hair extensions can do for your customers and your business.