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HairTalk extensions - not all hair extensions are created equally

As a hairdresser we know we don't have to stress to you the importance of quality hair extensions for your customers. Whether your client is planning their special wedding day, preparing for an important date, or they simply want to look great for a big night out on the town, quality hair extensions can make the difference between a night to remember and one your client would probably rather forget.

If you want superior quality hair extensions that will make your customers look and feel great without breaking their bank or damaging their hair then you need to talk to the team at HairTalk about our range of superior quality hair extension products.

the experts agree!

When it comes to hair extensions the best Australian and New Zealand hair stylists all agree; HairTalk hair extensions are without comparison. HairTalk hair extensions are taking Australia and New Zealand by storm! Customers of Shane Jones Blonde Boutique, Jewels Hair By Design, Phil Gallo, Joh Bailey and Funk'd, Conrad and Mace and Leon's Hair, Aquae Sulis, Wild Stylz, and Le Chic Hair Studio are just a few of the expert salons already experiencing the HairTalk difference!

let's talk - HairTalk extensions

So how do HairTalk tape hair extensions work? The revolutionary HairTalk tape hair extensions are easily and gently attached to the hair by means of a medical grade adhesive system. As a result of this unique system, HairTalk tape hair extensions are easily removed and replaced, or re-lifted closer to the root, giving you better value for money and eliminating the damaging matting that occurs between the root and the extension using older style systems.

HairTalk tape hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and can be attached to natural hair in less than one hour by a specialist hairstylist.

Let's talk length! HairTalk tape hair extensions come in 25cm, 40cm, and 55cm lengths, effectively eliminating the need for excess cutting, leaving your clients with a more beautiful, flowing, and natural look!

Let's talk volume! HairTalk tape hair extensions can quickly and easily add improved body and volume to any woman's hair!

Let's talk colour! HairTalk tape hair extensions come in a range of 22 natural hair colour palettes to choose from. With over 400 colour combinations thanks to our sandwich application technique you can combine colours to suit just about any client.

Let's talk fun! HairTalk Fun tape hair extensions are made from an innovative natural hair and synthetic fibre mix, which makes it possible to style with a smoothing iron and hair dryer. This mix combines the advantages of synthetic fibre and natural hair - shiny, brilliant, long-lasting colours coupled with the easy styling capabilities of natural hair.