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If you're a hair stylist who wants the best hair extensions on the market combined with great customer service and the most affordable prices on high quality products then your need to see the team at HairTalk, the expert hair extension suppliers.

HairTalk doesn't stock just any old hair extensions, we specialise in supply of only the best quality hair extensions on the market; HairTalk tape hair extensions. HairTalk tape hair extensions are different from other hair extensions due to not only their fantastic construction and superior quality materials, but more importantly, their unique and innovative HairTalk tape hair extensions application system. This ground breaking new application system makes HairTalk tape hair extensions the hair extension of choice for the best stylist and salons in the country and around the world.

let's talk - the HairTalk tape hair extensions application system

The revolutionary HairTalk tape hair extensions applications system is the reason why everyone is talking about HairTalk. In years past the only way to bond hair extensions was through the use of damaging and invasive procedures involving heat, ultrasound, or metal. Now with the introduction of the HairTalk tape hair extensions system, you can give your clients beautiful, full bodied, amazing hair extensions that look natural and enhance any look!

The secret lies in the application procedure whereby HairTalk tape hair extensions are gently attached to the hair by means of a medical grade adhesive system. As a result of this unique system, HairTalk tape hair extensions are easily removed and replaced or re-lifted closer to the root, giving you better value for money and eliminating the damaging matting that occurs between the root and the extension using older style systems.

let's talk - options

On top of the revolutionary application system HairTalk tape hair extensions also come in a range of colour and length options to suit any style! The use of different lengths eliminates the need for excessive cutting, leaving the hair to flow more naturally and beautifully.

Our range of colour options can be combined to create over 400 colour combinations! So no matter the look and style your client desires, HairTalk tape hair extensions will be able to deliver!

let's talk - HairTalk hair extension suppliers

If you're looking for a superior hair extension supplier service with the best quality hair extension supplies then you need look no further than the team at HairTalk. Why not join the growing number of hair stylists and salons around the globe who are joining the HairTalk tape hair extensions revolution? Your customers will thank you for it!