certification training

Certification training is of great importance to the HairTalk extensions philosophy as a hairdresser’s knowledge is vital. For example, certification training will enhance the hairdresser’s knowledge on placement, colour selection, cutting and the suitability of the product for the client’s hair. For instance, HairTalk tape hair extensions are not recommended for clients with weak follicle hair, with alopecia or for those undertaking chemotherapy. This is why HairTalk tape hair extensions are a salon only product.

HairTalk hair extensions

Certification training will also emphasise the importance of the HairTalk retail range which is specifically designed for HairTalk tape hair extensions. If the correct shampoos and conditioners are not used, HairTalk tape hair extensions can slip as most shampoos and conditioners use a high concentration of alcohol which acts as a dissolving agent on the adhesive bonds.

HairTalk Certification Courses will be held one day per month in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Auckland and Wellington. Training in regional centres will be subject to demand in the area.

training inclusions

As a general guide, Certification Training will include:

a. An introduction to HairTalk tape hair extensions
b. Methods of application
c. Marketing tips
d. Pricing for profitability
e. Correct removal techniques
f. Colour matching