let’s talk... about length

With a German patented bonding adhesive, HairTalk tape hair extensions come in 3 convenient lengths of 25cm, 40cm and 55cm, which importantly eliminates the need for excessive cutting, if any cutting at all, leaving the hair with a beautiful flowing natural look.

what length suits you?

25cm HairTalk extensions are ideal for women with thinning hair and for concealing transitional hair styles. 40cm HairTalk extensions are perfect for women of all ages, allowing sexy hair styles with extra volume that allow the full range of hair services, including beautiful brush blow drys and the use of accessories such as flat iron curls and curling tongs. 55cm HairTalk extensions guarantee a beautifully feminine silhouette, with your hair softly caressing your body down to the waist.

special occasions

The 40cm and 55cm HairTalk tape hair extensions are also perfect for special occasions such as weddings and formal balls, as the length created allows for creative up-styles that will add glamour, whilst still retaining the health, shine and feel of your own natural hair.