let’s talk... about colour

Hair colour creates a women’s identity and now HairTalk tape hair extensions can not only provide length and volume, but also colour - both to compliment your natural colour and to add a special touch.

match your natural colour

With HairTalk tape hair extensions you can match your natural colour or salon-selected colour quickly and easily. With an unrivalled 22 natural colour palette to choose from, this allows you to have over 400 colour combinations, thanks to the revolutionary sandwich application technique of HairTalk tape hair extensions. This process requires 2 colours to be used in combination in order to create depth for a beautifully natural effect.

fix poor colour application

Furthermore, many women today often regret a poor colour application, particularly blonde shades, which leave your hair lifeless and brittle. HairTalk can assist with specifically placed tape hair extensions that add your desired colour until your natural hair returns to its healthy state.

Correctly selected and applied, HairTalk tape hair extensions will give you confidence, enhance your mood and make you feel sexy.