about Arcos

The company was founded as Arcos Die Haarprofis (the hair professionals) in 1985 by the manager Konrad Schneck and Günter Alex, and is headquartered in the Bavarian city of Erlangen.

Arcos made a name for itself in the international hair replacement and enhancement industry. The third managing director, Oliver Schneck, operations manager and son of Konrad Schneck, joined the team in 1993.

Invention of adhesive hair extensions

In 2005, Günter Alex invented adhesive extensions, and the brand HairTalk was born. The guiding thought was to make hair extensions “affordable for everyone”, but nevertheless of the highest quality and best value. Another important factor in the invention process was brevity: a hair extension was to be feasible in less than 1 hour, since in the past hair extension methods took hours and the customers were trapped on hairstylist chairs. When removing the hair extensions, there was always a lot of hair breakage and damage - something the invention of HairTalk also strove to eliminate.


In the meantime, the brand HairTalk fuels the company and is sold in over 50 countries world-wide, now including Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea.